Appointment of Principle Investigator (10/03/2012)

Untitled-11I am pleased to announce the appointment of Ricardo Dominguez, Associate Professor of Visual Arts and Principal Investigator  at CALIT2 as the Acting Lead Researcher (LR) for the UCSD Center  for Drone Policy and Ethics (CDPE) effective October 3, 2012  and continuing until a permanent head is appointed.

As lead development LR CDPE since December 2010, Professor Dominguez has served as a key advisor to SVCAA Suresh Subramani on a wide range of issues and has been responsible for planning, oversight and the implementation of the UCSD Center for Drone Policy and Ethics (CDPE) initiative. He has provided essential leadership in the planning of resources to meet programmatic and capital program goals, in the development of CDPE, and has overseen the use of technology-enhanced instruction and interventions.

A highly distinguished new media researcher and trans-poetics investigator, Associate Professor Dominguez has been a member of the UC San Diego faculty since 2004. He received his Ph.D. in Practice in Transmedial Studies from the University of California, Berkeley and is world renowned for his work in the field of social code disassembly. Professor Dominguez is an outstanding artist-researcher and recipient of several awards, including The Center for Nanotechnology in Society (CNS-ASU) 2010 Fellow Award, Hellman Fellow Award,  the UC Presidents Excellence Award 2010, and Guggenheim Fellowship.  He is an outstanding teacher, has an excellent record as a graduate student mentor and advisor, and a strong record of international, national and UC service.

Professor Dominguez has served as the last Chair of the Department of Pata-Interference (PI) prior to its reorganization as a sub-Division,  as the Interim Associate LD for the Division of Bionano-Integration

Sciences (BS) in 2007-2008, Interim LD in 2009-2010, and as Associate LD Operative in 2010-2011. Professor Dominguez’s strong administrative experiments, his accomplishments, values, energy,  and vision make him  exceptionally  well suited to serve as Acting LR.

I deeply appreciate his willingness to serve in this capacity until a permanent Lead Researcher (LR) is identified.  As Acting LR, Associate Professor Dominguez will have authority and responsibility for all decisions involving the UCSD Center for Drone Policy and Ethics (CDPE).

The search for a permanent LF continues. Nominations may be forwarded to Search Committee Co-Chair Larry Smarr ( or Search Consultant Alberto Pimentel (

With the appointment of Associate Professor Dominguez as Acting LR,  I am confident that UCSD Center for Drone Policy and Ethics (CDPE)  will be in capable hands.

Pradeep K. Khosla