Panel Discussion on Drone Use on US-Mexico Border (11/01/2012)

2Graduate student researchers associated with the UC Center for Drone Policy and Ethics have organized a panel discussion on the topic of drone use on the US-Mexico Border. Researchers from the center, faculty from UC San Diego, as well as representatives from U.S. Customs and Border Protection and Homeland Security will all give brief lectures on the historical and contemporary use of military drones in border territories and will discuss potential future uses.

Maj. Gen. Frank McKenzie, a retired Air Force pilot, describes the increased use of drones on the border in this way:

“If you look at how important the UAVs have been in defense missions overseas, it’s not really rocket science to make adjustments for how important those things could be in the homeland for precisely the same reasons.”

The panel discussion is the first in a series organized by the UC Center for Drone Policy and Ethics, which plans to explore the use of drones from ecological, political, sociological and historical perspectives.